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Places and things that have made me mad!
The folks at CompUSA just don't get it with Customer Service.  I went to one of their stores and they had a monitor on display that I wanted.  But then they came back and told be they had none on stock (then take it down from display!) and didn't know when they would get some more in.   I then went online and purchased it through their website.  I waited for it to come and then over a week later I was notified that they were out of stock!  I wasted all that time expecting it to come.   No wonder CompUSA is having business problems.
Vons Supermarkets

This used to be my favorite place to shop.  However, they have cut back on labor and now the store has gotten to be sub-par.   The worst thing Vons has done is to start selling ground beef and other meats that are processed out-of-town.  These packages of hamburger and other meats are filled with CARBON MONOXIDE which keep the food from turning brown.  These meats will still look fresh even if they are two weeks old! Stay away from Vons and these meats and make sure your store is starting to sell these potentially dangerous meats---if they are spoiled they will still look fresh!  One can spot these packages that are filled with carbon monoxide because the plastic wrap on these packages are filled with air like a balloon.  Usually the wrap is close to the meat with no air in them.




This page last updated on September 10, 2009