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Richard Dobkowitz

Brother of Roger, Richard lives in Paradise, California, USA with his wife Carolyn.  They have a daughter named Mary.   Roger and Richard are both sons of Bernhardt (born in Berlin) and Therese (born in Munich) and grandsons of Paul and Henriette Dobkowitz. E-Mail:

Paul Dobkowitz Cousin of Roger and Richard, Paul lives in Manteca, California.  Paul is the son of Hans (brother of Bernhardt) and Charlotte Dobkowitz.  Paul has a sister, Diane Stellhorn, who also lives in Manteca.  E-Mail:
Olaf Dobkowitz

Olaf lives in Bonn, Germany with his wife Petra, son Domenic and daughter

Sven Dobkowitz

Brother of Olaf, Sven lives in Bonn, Germany.    E-Mail:

Ralph Dobkowitz

Ralph lives in Badh Honnef, Germany.  He has a son named Philipp.  Ralph is the brother of Sven, Olaf, Stephan, and Elke.  His parents were Paul and Sieglinde.  His grandparents we Paul and Hiltrudis  E-Mail:

Achim Dobkowitz Achim lives in Bad Honnef (near Bonn).  He is brother to Ingrid, Karin and Bernd.  His parents are Emil and Doris. Achim had an uncle name Max who was married to Berta.  Max had three children named Rainer, Jurgen, and Gerd (Gerd now lives with his wife Liane in Rochester, New York, USA) E-mail:
Bernd lives in Bad Honnef (near Bonn) and is brother of Achim, Ingrid, and Karin.  Bernd is married to Susanne and they have two daughters named Sascha and Lena.   Their dog (man's best friend!) is named named Buffy.  Bernd works independently as a SEO/Online Marketing specialist.
Stephan Dobkowitz Stephan lives in Bonn, Germany with his wife Karin, his son Andre, and his daughter Nadine.  He is the brother of Olaf, Sven, and Elke.  E-Mail:

Monica Skibickyj
(nee Dobkowitz)

Granddaughter of Max and Berta (Oma)...daughter of Gerd and Liane.  Monica lives in Rochester, NY   Monica is married to Paul Skibickyl.  Monica and Paul have two daughters,  Sarah and Emily.     E-Mail:
Ranier Dobkowitz Son of Max and Berta Dobkowitz. 
Jurgen Dobkowitz Son of Max and Berta Dobkowitz
Dieter Dobkowitz Son of Max and Berta Dobkowitz


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