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The Dobkowitz's Take a Cruise to Mexico.

A seven day Carnival cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta in May 2011.


The Dobkowitz's Spend a Week In Cambria.

A week long trip to the central California coastal town of Cambria shortly after Christmas 2008.

Rafting trip

The Dobkowitz's Explore Arizona and New Mexico (2008)

On July 5, 2008, we left on a 3280 mile 15-day roadtrip thru Arizona and New Mexico.  The highlight of the trip was an all day river rafting trip down the Rio Grande River in New Mexico.


Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Dobkowitz's Spend Christmas and New Year's in New York City (2007)

A nine day trip to New York City in December 2007


Death Valley

The Dobkowitz's Go to Death Valley in the Summer (and Sequoia National Park) (2007)

A seven day trip in 2007 that experienced both the 124 degree heat of Death Valley in the summer and the cool mountainous splendor of Sequoia National Park.


Floating in Pool

Palm Springs

A ten-day trip to Palm Springs during the summer of 2007.


The Dobkowitz's Spend New Years at Lake Tahoe (2006)

A five day trip in December 2006 to Lake Tahoe and the Cal-Neva Lodge


Crater Lake

The Dobkowitz's Go to Oregon (2006)

A trip of 3693 miles over 15 days that took the Dobkowitz Family in 2006 through Northern California and Oregon.  Some of the highlights include the Redwood Empire, the Oregon Coast, and Crater Lake.


Albert the Bull

The Dobkowitz's at the Dells (2005) (Wisconsin, that is!)

A three-week 6500 mile road trip through the west in 2005 that ultimately brought us to the Wisconsin Dells---a wonderful family destination of amusement and waterparks. 


The Dobkowitz's in England (2004)

In 2004 our family took a three week trip to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.  After landing in London we rented a car and drove our entire trip---2800 miles on the wrong side of the road!  Touring costs in England at the time was extremely expensive due to the weakness of the dollar.  Filling the car up with gas cost nearly $100! We discovered we couldn't afford to eat out at regular restaurants.  If we did, dinner each night would have cost us nearly $100 for the five of us to eat!  We wound up eating at fast food places (such as McDonald's).  We did eat at restaurants---but not often!


The Dobkowitz's in Germany (2002)

A three week trip in 2002 to Germany.  After arriving in Berlin we rented a car and drove over a thousand miles through Germany.  With the help of a little German that Roger and Rebecca knew the trip turned out to be a smashing success!
























































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